Pre-Machine Processed Cast Iron & Bronze

Value Added Services and Custom Metal Products

Custom finished cast iron components

We process and finish raw cast iron and bronze for a low price.

American Iron and Alloys provides durable continuous cast iron, and bronze bars and tubing for a wide variety of industries including bearing and fluid power component manufacturers. Our custom metal supply programs are highly cost-effective and save you money at every point in the production process.

Free quote on finished bronze and continuous cast iron components

American Iron and Alloys offers raw material, pre-machined metal supply programs and completely finished cast iron and bronze components depending on your needs and budget.

We go above and beyond simply supplying raw materials. American Iron and Alloys has a variety of value added services to help you save time and money by reducing production time and getting custom metal components into your manufacturing process faster.

Some custom metal components made with Versa-Bar continuous cast iron include:

Raw Materials Used
Gray Iron Bronze Ductile Iron

Some of our value added services include:

In addition to these processing services, we offer custom iron and bronze finished machined components. Our finished machined components made to your drawings can be used for a wide variety of applications from hydraulics componentry to a multitude of other machine tool and general industrial manufacturing applications. American Iron and Alloys will help you choose the best metal and value added services for your custom components, so you get the most cost effective rough processed or finish complete machined part.

High Speed, High Precision Automatic Metal Cutting Circular Saw

High Speed Metal Saw Cutting Continuous Cast Iron Rod

New Tsune cold saw makes low tolerance cuts.

If you need a large quantity of precision cut bars, tubes or rounds, American Iron & Alloys has the high speed metal cutting circular saw to deliver superb results. We use an industry-leading high speed metal saw for cutting bar stock to just the size you need at previously unprecedented throughput rates.

American Iron and Alloys’ metal saw cuts through 100mm diameter rounds in 16.17 seconds.

Capable of cutting iron and bronze up to 5.1” in diameter, our CNC saw lets us offer better metal cutting services at a lower price than the competition. American Iron & Alloys cuts faster and more precisely than other metal finishing companies. Order your bronze alloy and ductile and grey iron bars from us and have us save you hours cutting them to size with our high speed, automatic metal saw.

Custom Metal Components

Precision machining process produces custom metal components.

American Iron and Alloys provides the highest quality continuous cast iron and bronze components.

Our continuous casting process creates metallurgically superior parts when compared to sand cast components and other steel alternatives.

Since continuous cast products solidify at a much more uniform rate, they are much more durable, ensuring your machines and assembly lines run smoothly and efficiently.

We offer custom metal components in a variety of finishes, sizes and grades to meet your unique needs.

American Iron and Alloys will fabricate anything from standard ball bearings and pistons to custom abrasion resistant wear plates.

Contact Cmerican Iron & Alloys for custom bronze and iron parts machining for the unique piece you need.