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Precision CNC Machining Services in Waukesha & Nationwide

Reduce production time with CNC machiningCNC Machining Services in Waukesha

Pre-machined or finished, we provide value-added processing services to save you time and money. Logistical savings are at the core of American Iron’s machining division. Pairing our precision CNC machining services with the savings from our mill-direct metal supply means lower costs in transportation, less on-hand inventory, and reduced manufacturing costs for youWe offer several machining capabilities for automotive & racingfluid powerfoundriesaerospace, and many other industries.

We're based in Waukesha, WI and serve as the number one metal and machining service provider for locations across the United States. Our broad distribution capabilities extend our reach nationally, so we can be of service wherever you are. Whether you need raw materials or fully machined metal components, you can customize your supply program.

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Value-added rough processing and machining services

Our CNC machining services are a beneficial addition to our bronze bar and Versa-Bar continuous cast iron products. Adding precision machining to your metal products reduces production time to help you get the job done faster. We provide durable custom-machined large and small components for various industries. Let our machining experts reduce your sourcing time and machining costs with high-quality metal products. Rough machining services include:

American Iron's CNC machine shop has a large facility capable of producing large and small orders of machined components. We have a variety of machine tools in-house to provide you with dependable rough processing and finish machining services. The machine list includes:

  • 6 CNC Horizontal Lathes
  • 3 Manual Turret Lathes
  • 2 CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • 2 Duplex MKCS (9' Beds)
  • 8 Automatic Cut-Off Saws
  • 2 Automatic Precision Cold Saws
  • 4 Plate Saw (10' bed)
  • 3 Automatic Chucker Lathes

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CNC tool grinding and vertical and horizontal machining

Using modern CNC tool grinders and our specific manufacturer’s capabilities, we provide businesses nationwide with advanced CNC grinding services. We can produce several custom metal products and tools, including metal cutting and woodworking. 

American Iron also provides high-precision CNC vertical and horizontal machining for all our customers. We can buckle down on large quantities of work to accurately machine your CNC products. It doesn’t matter how demanding or specific your requirements are; we machine various iron and bronze materials into products worth the investment. 

Precise CNC turning services available nationwide

Precise CNC turning services

Turning is just one of many processes our advanced CNC machine shop in Waukesha, WI can perform with impeccably high precision. Bearings, bushings, pistons, wear plates, pulleys. You name it; we machine it.

New lower-cost and performance options help save you money and guarantee your products will work and be finished better than other companies offering the same CNC turning services. We have a number of products available online for your convenience, including raw bronze stock and custom-finished bronze components. For years, American Iron has turned and finished machined bronze bushings, washers, and bearings. Contact us today for a free quote on CNC turning and bronze tubing options.

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Custom boring machining services available nationwide

Custom boring machining services

Whether your business is in Waukesha, Wisconsin, or another state, American Iron and Alloys makes metal supply easier with boring and custom metal products and services. If you have a metal product with a hole already present on its surface but need it enlarged at a money-saving price, we have you covered. By choosing our services and products, you quickly add value to your own line of products and merchandise. We process and complete raw cast metals and boring services quickly and precisely at a low price, every time. You are taken care of with our top-of-the-line manufacturing capabilities.

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precision pre-milling services available nationwide

Top precision pre-milling services

As the leading supplier of pre-milling services and precision engineering, we help reduce your project’s production time and spending budget for higher efficiency. Get a quote on pre-milling, raw metal, finished and machined metal components. We can serve the machine tool, construction, and off-highway equipment industries. Our precision engineering services are one of the most comprehensive in the state.

On top of being convenient, our precision engineering and pre-milling services are also customizable. This makes your supply program even more specific and relevant to your needs.

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CNC plate-cutting services available nationwide

CNC plate-cutting services

As Waukesha, Wisconsin’s best plate cutting and custom casting fabricator, we have the ability to cast components made to your specifications and perform efficient CNC plate cutting. Expect the highest quality custom metal parts in our CNC shop. We easily provide you with hard-to-source sand casting and cast metal bar special shapes.

Our partnerships save you money. We cut and cast iron, bronze, and steel parts without outsourcing to another machine shop. Get a quote on specialty castings and your options regarding our manufacturing capabilities.

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Metal cutting services nationwide

American Iron is your solution for United States businesses searching for reliable and affordable advanced metal-cutting services. We’ll provide you with an industry-best price quote based on the size and number of metals you need cut.

Utilizing Versa-Bar, our company has access to the best metallurgically superior steel alternative on the modern market, meaning our custom-cut components outperform any other competing products. If you need a metal supply partner, consider partnering with American Iron for high-quality metal, precision CNC machining, and a reliable supply chain. We service more than just the Milwaukee area. We distribute across the US, including:


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