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Waukesha Precision CNC Metal Milling Services

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Complex Parts Milling With a Nationwide Supply Chain

CNC Milling Services Waukesha Wisconsin

Our machine shop boasts the flexibility to produce a huge variety of custom metal components.

The custom CNC milling services and cutting services offered at American Iron & Alloys are best suited for individuals and companies interested in purchasing cast iron, bronze, steel, and Versa-Bar metals made to order. We provide the closest cuts and highest-grade bronze and Versa-Bar manufacturing for the convenience of businesses around the country. If you are looking for impressively manufactured grades of bronze alloys, custom-fabricated Versa-Bar metal, and efficiently milled metals, enlisting AIA is your best solution.

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What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a machining process used to create precise and complex parts by removing material from a workpiece. It is a versatile manufacturing technique that is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and more. CNC milling is a crucial technology in modern manufacturing, enabling the efficient and precise production of a wide range of components used in various industries.

With more than 30 years of experience in the continuous cast iron and bronze machining business, American Iron & Alloys has become a highly reputable raw stock provider and CNC machine shop. In milling, we use rotary cutters in a machining process designed to remove material to give cast alloys the shapes they need for a number of different applications, such as the machining of:

As one of the most popular metal shaping processes, CNC milling machines parts to strikingly precise shapes and designs. The milling process utilizes a cutting machine, known as a mill, to make perpendicular cuts to the surface of a material or alloy. By making a collection of tiny and separate cuts, milling services can remove material in a highly specific technique to guarantee close and accurate cuts. We use different feed rates to ensure our milling machines finish cutting jobs as quickly as possible.

Benefits of CNC Milling

Precision, Versatility, and Efficiency:

Cost-Effective Production:

Over 30 Years of Expertise and Advanced Technology:

Quality Control:

Catering to Specialized Industries:

Nationwide Operations:


Why Choose American Iron & Alloys for CNC Metal Milling?

American Iron & Alloys has CNC milling services for the convenience of our customers who are looking for precisely cut metals and materials for their projects. Aside from being able to simply mill, machine, and cast metals, American Iron & Alloys can also fabricate and cast Versa-Bar, bronze, and steel metals.

When you pair American Iron & Alloys’ high-quality metals with our efficient, precise CNC machining services, the result is always exceptional. With American Iron & Alloys, there is no guessing or hoping. Have us fabricate the metals you need, whether it be Versa-bar, bronze, or steel, and we’ll cut it to your satisfaction with professional focus and expertise—every time.

Custom Metal Milling Capabilities

As the leading supplier of pre-milling services and precision engineering, we help reduce your project’s production time and spending budget for higher efficiency. Get a quote on pre-milling, raw metal, finished and machined metal components. We can serve the machine tool, construction, and off-highway equipment industries. Our precision engineering services are one of the most comprehensive in the state.

On top of being convenient, our precision engineering and pre-milling services are also customizable. This makes your supply program even more specific and relevant to your needs.

Compatible Metals for CNC Milling

American Iron & Alloys' CNC milling services underscore exceptional compatibility across a broad spectrum of metals, enhancing the versatility and adaptability of our precision machining capabilities.

This diverse range of compatible metals showcases American Iron & Alloys' commitment to providing tailored solutions for various industry needs. Our CNC milling services stand out for their ability to deliver precision and excellence across an extensive spectrum of materials, meeting the unique demands of each application.

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Industries We Serve

At American Iron & Alloys, our CNC milling shop caters to a wide array of industries, delivering precision milling services and excellence in metal component manufacturing. With our expertise in machining a diverse range of metals, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of each of the following industries:


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