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Fluid Power: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Metal Part Manufacturer

Fluid Power Component Supplier: Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, Pipe 

American Iron & Alloys manufactures and supplies metal parts for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Precision manufacturing and high-quality metal is our production standard, and our ever-growing capabilities include fast turn around times and complex machining. If you need hydraulic or pneumatic parts like cylinders, iron pipes, various valves (check, flow control, directional), AIA can deliver. 

AIA's Most Popular Fluid Power Products:


Why Partner with American Iron & Alloys?

American Iron & Alloys is a nationwide supplier of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron and bronze alloys for manufacturing. We provide precision CNC machining services for complex parts and components used in the fluid power industry. Hydraulic and pneumatic parts are some of our most popular orders and manufacturing them has become a specialty of AIA. As an AIA partner, you can be confident you're getting superior casts, stronger parts, reliable fluid power components, and real American-made metal.

  • Bettervolume pricing
  • Flexible supply program
  • Quick nationwide supply chain

Our goal...

If you're in need of a consistent supply of fluid power components (cylinders, pistons, iron pipes, valves), AIA provides a fast and flexible nationwide supply chain to keep up with your ever-changing inventory. Our goal as your strategic partner is to provide the highest quality hydraulic and pneumatic parts at the most affordable price - and make sure you get them when you need them.

What we need...

For custom hydraulic and pneumatic components, all we need is a blueprint with your specifications to get started on a prototype build. Let us know what you need the part to be and we'll start by getting you a free quote.

What we can do...

Our capabilities span far beyond replacement fluid power parts. Our precision CNC machining services enable us to manufacture a wide range of metal parts for all sorts of applications. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and what we have to offer as a partner.



Why Choose Versa-Bar Continuous Cast Iron for Fluid Power applications?

It's Simple: Lower Cost, Better Performance.

Versa-Bar's unique metallurgical properties make it a superior alternative to traditional sand castings.

Our continuous cast iron features microscopic flakes or spheres of graphite with tiny recesses that promote the retention of oil. Lubricated parts stay oily longer, and the highly dispersed graphite acts as a self lubricant in the case of oil loss. Naturally non-abrasive qualities give Versa-bar tubes, rounds, bars, and rods superior wearability, making it the true hydraulic metal.

Versa-Bar continuous cast iron offers you:

Engine Component Manufacturer & Supplier Piston Ring Manufacturer Valve Seat manufacturer





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