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Versa-Bar Continuous Cast Iron is Great for Machining Into Gears

The machinability of continuous cast-iron makes it an ideal material for machining into gears and other precision parts. The low frictional characteristics of cast iron make it a great material for repeated use applications. However not all cast iron is made equal, Versa-Bar offers significant metallurgical advantages over other cast iron products.

Versa-Bar’s advantages come from the superior continuous casting process that leaves it stronger than sand or ingot cast iron. Continuous cast iron is more metallically uniform, cost-effective to the machine, and durable than competing cast iron products.

Cast Iron Grades Carried by American Iron & Alloys


In-House CNC Machining for Cast Iron Gears

Reduce your costs by having your iron machined from the same place you purchase it. American Iron & Alloys has a full-service machine shop, partnered foundries, and custom casting capabilities for finishing cast iron parts. Rather than getting your iron from a supplier and then passing it on to someone else for machining, let us create your parts for you.

Our in-house shop has full capabilities with precision CNC machining services to produce any type or size of cast iron gears or other parts. We will work from your specifications to create finished products that meet your expectations and tolerances.

Our machining capabilities position us uniquely to help you streamline your production process. Even with custom parts, simply send us a drawing and we’ll give you a quote.

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American Iron & Alloys Carries All Grades of Continuous Cast Versa-Bar Cast Iron

No other company offers the same stock of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron or the parts and machining services as American Iron & Alloys. You can depend on us to have what you need when you need it. Our Custom machining services set us apart from the competition and allow us to be your one-stop source for finished cast iron products of all types.

American Iron & Alloys is a quality Versa-Bar continuous cast iron supplier based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, since 1982. We offer custom machining and metal supply services nationwide, including a warehouse on the East Coast for more responsive service to eastern states.


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