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We also have a warehouse and distribution center on the East Coast, letting us fill orders in New England and the Eastern Seaboard quicky and easily.

Professional Versa-Bar Iron and Bronze Suppliers

Continuous cast iron and bronze distribution facility

We supply the highest quality Versa-Bar continuous cast iron and bronze metals. Partnering with the right metal distributor is crucial to ensuring success for any industry. American Iron and Alloys’ metal suppliers specialize in quality customer service and expertise in the industry.

Our knowledgeable staff work with you to provide the best materials and finishing services needed to make high quality custom metal components. Whether you have the exact technical specifications in mind or only know the name of the component you need, we have the knowledge to create the exact metal component you are looking for.

American Iron and Alloys metal supply programs are also available if you are looking for raw continuous cast iron or bronze bars and tubing. Value added CNC machining services are available to save you money if you need the metal finished for you.

Contact the experienced metal suppliers at American Iron and Alloys today to begin your supply program for continuous cast iron and bronze products or for custom metal components.