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Cast Iron Plates: Metallurgical purity & machinability for any projectCast iron plates supplier industrial

Versa-Bar plate stock from American Iron & Alloys offers a superior quality that can’t be found with competing cast iron stock. The continuous casting process used to create our gray and ductile iron results in a product that is more machinable and consistent throughout. Cast iron plates are optimal for the machining and fabrication of bearings and rotors, yet widely applicable to a variety of machining projects. Our cast iron stock is favored in a wide variety of industries for fluid power applications and used in construction equipment due to its self-lubricating properties and exceptional metallurgical composition.

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CNC Machining Service: High-quality stock to meet your specifications

Versa-Bar continuous cast gray and ductile iron plates are unmatched in durability and machinability. A good finished product begins with the material you decide to machine it from. Starting your project with continuous cast iron plate supply from American Iron & Alloys ensures that your finished project will be solid from the ground up.

If you're looking to order in bulk, or are interested in saving time on machining, we highly recommend having us do the work to machine to your exact specifications. All you have to do is send us the details.

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Our in house casting and CNC shop can create custom parts including:

Metal & Machining Services for a Variety of Industries

American Iron & Alloys is the trusted metal supply partner for countless businesses across a wide variety of industries. The most common industries we work with include:

Regardless of your industry, if you're in need of a metal supply partner, consider American Iron & Alloys for high-quality metal, precision CNC machining, and a reliable supply chain. We distribute iron components to a variety of locations across the US including Milwaukee, New York, North Carolina, California, Texas, and Illinois

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