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Continuous Cast Iron Spindles

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Continuous Cast Iron Spindles for Pneumatics, Hydraulics & More

Versa-Bar’s spindles created from continuously cast ductile iron are more easily machinable and metallurgically consistent than those of other cast iron stock suppliers. Our continuous cast iron spindles are preferred by engineers for pneumatic, hydraulic, and fluid power applications because of cast iron's durability.

American Iron & Alloys provides both raw cast iron and finished spindles. We have developed efficient systems so that we can quickly provide what you need. Our equipment and expertise make us qualified to produce cost-effective belt-driven spindles, motorized spindles, pneumatic spindles, hydraulic spindles, and more.

American Iron & Alloys Cast Iron Grades

Rough Processing & CNC Machining Services for Cast Iron Components

The continuous casting process ensures a more uniform structure than sand casting and produces a stock that requires less machining and clean-up stock, saving you money and materials. We offer in-house specialty castings and a CNC machining shop where we can manufacture spindles to your exact specifications.

We Supply All Grades of Continuous Cast Iron

American Iron & Alloys stands above other cast iron suppliers in our variety of stock and grade of continuous cast iron. We offer extremely competitive pricing on raw Versa-Bar stock and components. We can give you what you need for your industry. All we need is your drawing and specs to begin your prototype. Request a fast and free quote today to start the process.

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