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Cast Iron Cut Piece Suppliers

Cast Iron Cut Pieces

American Iron & Alloys provides: 


Cast Iron Cut Pieces: Versa-Bar Iron offers benefits that traditional sandcasted iron can't match

Versa-Bar cast iron is ideal for machining and fabrication for any project or application. We offer CNC machining services to provide cast iron pieces that arrive cut to your exact specifications. At American Irons & Alloys, we are proud to supply iron cut pieces to a variety of satisfied clients in all sorts of industries across North America. We're confident that we'll be able to deliver what you're looking for and urge you to call or contact us if you have any questions.    


CNC Machining Services

Versa-Bar’s metallurgical makeup has a specific formula designed to give you strength and versatility at lower costs than any grade of steel you’ll find on the market. We can cut your iron pieces to meet your exact specifications so you don't have to. Save the time, money, and hassle of cutting your iron and receive it cut and ready for your application. If buying cast iron in bulk, we highly recommend our CNC services.

More on CNC

Our in house casting and CNC shop can create custom parts including:

American Iron & Alloys Cast Iron Cut Piece Grades

Types of Cast-Iron Bar Stock Available

We carry a full stock of bar types in various grades. Beyond round bar, flat bar and rod stock we also have:

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We have the materials and know-how to provide you with cut pieces to machine whatever hardware your project requires from gears and pulleys to keys and flywheels and everything in between.

As with our cast iron bar, tubing, and plates we hold our cut pieces to a high standard. With our high quality cast iron cut pieces American Iron & Alloy can offer superior material to help you turn out a superior product.

We’re more than simply a stock supplier. If you need fully machined parts, our CNC machining services can help you create the components you need to your specifications. Our in-house machining capabilities give us the flexibility to provide exactly the materials you’re after.


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We work to supply quality metal parts to customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, fluid power, foundry, and tool and die. Our goal is to get you lower material costs, improved machinability, and increased performance on all our metal services. If you're in need of a bulk supply of metal parts, we're the metal distributors you need. 

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