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Specialty Cast Iron and Bronze Castings & Custom Shapes

Fabricating Custom Cast Components from Versa-Bar Cast Iron and Several Grades of Bronze

Continuous Cast Iron Hydraulic Seal Rings

These stepped hydraulic seal rings are double-parted from the same bar. Versa-Bar's homogeneous matrix allowed the customer the necessary yield per bar to utilize this economical process.

American Iron and Alloys will create custom metal components made to your exact predetermined specifications, or help you determine what grade of iron, bronze, or steel is best for you in price and application.

Continuous cast iron grades for you to choose from:

Bronze Grades from AIA: 

We offer raw metal material of the grades listed above, but also specialty casting and custom pre-machining to help save you time and money during your manufacturing or production process. Simple cut-to-length orders and more complex metal parts are both in our ballpark. Contact us today for more information, or a fast and free quote on your specified bronze or cast iron order. 

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Custom Castings Made to Your Precise Specifications

Whether you are looking for hard-to-source sand castings or need to cast a special shape from a continuous cast iron bar, American Iron & Alloys has the solution for you.

We have teamed up with foundries to cast iron, steel, and bronze parts where quantities don’t merit expensive production tooling. Often a continuous cast shape can be the best alternative for a simple shape casting where many foundries no longer want to produce those types of parts.

American Iron & Alloys has casting source options, as well as continuous cast gray and ductile iron shape design capabilities, which offer excellent value to customers looking for a quick alternative to prototyping, or a lower cost option for small to mid-size production castings.  

Whether you need a large single cast ring, a shape to substitute for a current casting, or just a new home for a more complex casting with multiple cores, American Iron & Alloys has the ability to help you select the best solution for your casting needs.

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CNC Technicians Machine Continuous Cast Iron Components

If you are unsure of the exact specifications, let one of our specialists help find a match for your metal casting requirements.

Even older, out-dated specifications and drawings can be matched to meet your part’s physical requirements with today’s recognized standards.

Versa-Bar and our casting services offer you flexibility in design and lower cost for tooling for smaller run quantities of castings or prototype development. American Iron & Alloys Casting Source Services is a value that complements all metal bar and finishes machine part supply programs we offer. No matter what the shape, size, or complexity, American Iron and Alloys can help you find cost-saving sources and alternatives for your casting.

We can cast and finish any number of parts with your specifications including:

Specialty Castings for a Variety of Industries

American Iron & Alloys is the trusted metal supply partner for countless businesses across a wide variety of industries. The most common industries in need of specialty iron castings include:

Regardless of your industry, if you're in need of a metal supply partner, consider partnering with American Iron & Alloys for high-quality metal, precision CNC machining, and a reliable supply chain. We service industries all over the United States including Milwaukee, New York, North Carolina, California, Texas, and Illinois

Contact our custom casting experts at American Iron and Alloys to source your cast component and shapes.
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