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Rough & Precision CNC Gallery

CNC Machined Bronze & Iron Parts from Materials Supplier

American Iron & Alloys proudly supplies the fluid power and other industries with rough and precision machined continuous cast iron and bronze. We will create the exact part you need based on your specifications and requirements.

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Pick the amount of machining you require and let us do the rest.

Our CNC machining services range from rough cutting, grinding and boring up to complete, precisely milled parts. Our machine shop can handle large orders of custom, continuous cast iron bushings, bearings and other parts and even small runs of unique pieces.

As your supplier of bronze and cast iron parts, American Iron & Alloys is here to offer cost saving, production time lowering CNC services to fit your needs. Take a look at our CNC gallery to see the precise bronze and iron components we have made.

New Tsune Cold Saw Makes High Precision, Low Tolerance Cuts

American Iron & Alloys streamlines production processes and increase the quality of our value adding services by adding new machinery to our facility.

We have recently invested in a brand new Tsune cold saw. The new machine reduces sawing to a fraction of time compared to a traditional band saw cut and makes much higher quality cuts. Tolerances are within a few thousandths of an inch, producing a near milled cut surface.

Our new Tsune cold saw reduces the time and cost of producing custom sized rods, bars and other metal pieces. You will get a higher quality product at a lower price thanks to American Iron & Alloys' precision saw. No metals supplier provides a better price for high volume production as well as small to medium run jobs. Browse our value added services and contact us about bar pricing today!

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