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Cast Iron Supply with in-house CNC Machine

CNC Machine Operator Interface

Metal Supplier’s CNC Machines Fill Custom Part Orders

American Iron and Alloys, the country’s source of Versa Bar and continuous cast bronze, has a wide array of CNC machines ready to provide the part you need. Our warehouse in Wisconsin is also the location of our machine shop, letting us create high quality, finished components ready for use.

Our selection of lathes, CNC machines and metal saws allows us to craft almost any part out of continuous cast iron or bronze.

From simple bearings and washers to complex helical gears and rotary actuator piston sleeves, our CNC machines and the machinists using them can make exactly the part you need. Coupling the inherent strengths of continuous cast metal with the tight tolerances our machine shop produces means American Iron and Alloys is more than just a metal stock distributor, we’re a full service finished part supplier.

If you don’t need a finished part, American Iron and Alloys is also able to rough out a component for finishing by your in-house machinists. Just let us know what you need and we’ll make it.

When Is Continuous Cast Metal the Best Choice for your Part?

While the lower costs and fewer defects make continuous cast iron a great steel alternative, where Versa Bar really shines is in the reduced machining time. Versa Bar’s superior metallurgy allows machinists to drill, turn and mill it much faster than most other materials.

Parts requiring significant amounts of machining benefit the most from continuous cast iron.

Machining times are dramatically reduced when using Versa Bar. Components requiring several minutes of work or whose material is determining the top work speed will be produced faster out of continuous cast iron. You will make more parts in less time, increasing your overall shop efficiency and decreasing cost per part. American Iron and Alloys will make your business more profitable by supplying higher quality, lower cost parts expertly machined out of Versa Bar continuous cast iron.

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