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Precision Cold Cutting

Fast Accurate Metal Cutting Saw

High Tech CNC Machines Produce Best Quality Continuous Cast Bronze and Iron

In order to continually produce the highest quality versa bar in the industry, American Iron & Alloys must invest in high tech equipment. Our Tsune cold saw is state-of-the-art, slashing production times and vastly increasing the quality of cuts and cut surfaces.

The cold saw has very low tolerances, within a few thousandths of an inch, producing a near milled cut surface. Traditional band saws take much more time and produce lower quality items. The Tsune cold saw represents a substantial improvement in the production of our custom continuous cast iron and bronze metal components.

Our expert CNC machinists at American Iron & Alloys use metal saws such as the Tsune saw, lathes and other CNC machines to efficiently produce custom pistons, bearings and other components fitting your specifications.

Metals Distributor Invests In Precision Machinery to Lower Prices

How can we continue to provide high quality continuous cast iron products to our customers? It’s a question we ask ourselves every day.

The answer is to continue to invest in high tech precision machinery to streamline manufacturing processes and decrease production costs. Our new cold saw is only the latest investment in our CNC machining facility. American Iron & Alloy continually strives to incorporate new technology in order to increase product quality and reduce costs and prices.

No other metals supplier offers a lower cost for high production, medium and smaller size orders than American Iron & Alloys. Check out all of our value added services and continuous cast bronze and iron pricing today.

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