American Iron is proud to announce a new warehouse in Houston, Texas – expanding our reach, improving your service.

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High Precision Cutting

Tsune High Speed Cold Cutting Metal Saw

Custom Metal Supplier Produces Best Quality Steel Alternative

American Iron & Alloy has built a sterling reputation for supplying its customers with the very best steel alternative on the market because we invest in only the best machinery and equipment.

We consistently provide the finest custom metal parts because we have the experience and technological capability. Our Tsune cold saw produces custom cut lengths of continuous cast iron bars, rods and tubes cleanly and in far less time than a traditional band saw. Tolerances are lower than ever before, coming in within a few thousandths of an inch.

The best machinery means the best product. Our continuous cast bronze and iron can be fitted to your specifications. We turn, cut, bore or pre-mill iron and bronze alloys exactly as you need them done.

CNC Machinists Provide Custom Metal Components at a Low Price

Armed with high tech equipment and the finest CNC machinists you’ll find in a metal supply distributor, we offer you the best pricing available for high production as well as medium or small run jobs.

American Iron & Alloys has built a solid reputation for providing custom metal components nationwide since it was formed in 1982. We have two distribution centers: one in Waukesha, Wisconsin and the other on the East Coast. We have the ability to ship any custom parts to your location quickly. Whether you are located in Waukesha, Houston or New Orleans, American Iron & Alloys gets your product to you in short order at the lowest price. Order the highest quality continuous cast iron and bronze on the market from the country's only Versa Bar supplier, American Iron & Alloys.

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