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CNC machining technician

CNC Machining Technician at Metal Stock Supplier's Machine Shop

Versa-Bar increases throughput and lowers production costs

The improved machinability of Versa-Bar makes it a cost-saving, throughput-increasing carbon steel alternative. Our CNC machinists have years of experience working with continuous cast iron and bronze, allowing them to take full advantage of the materials’ improved machinability.

Significantly higher feed rates mean our machinists can mill, turn, and machine more complicated components in less time, dramatically increasing throughput.

This results in lower costs per part and faster turnaround times. Best of all, the continuous cast iron and bronze available from American Iron is better than the sand cast metals you may be currently using. Lower costs, faster production, and better finished products are possible when you take advantage of continuous cast metals.

Machine shops increase profitability with continuous cast metals

The materials you use in your machine shop play a large role in determining how profitable you are. If you started using metal your machinists could mill in half the time, you could double production. Fortunately, such a metal does exist Versa-Bar.

Versa-Bar can be worked at much higher rates than sand-cast iron and steel. Your machinists will finish complicated milling processes in record time. You’ll also find your equipment will not need to be stopped for tooling changes as often, and tool life will be increased.

Using American Iron as your metal supplier will make you a more efficient, profitable machine shop.

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