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Bronze Raw Stock Material for Bulk/Wholesale Purchasing

Bronze bar and tubing are a welcome addition to American Iron and Alloy’s mill direct product line. Our bronze supply programs are giving our customers new lower cost and performance options in supply, which is not often available with other suppliers.

Grades of Bronze Bars and Tubing

American Iron and Alloys carries a large on hand inventory of bronze bar and tubing in a diverse range of sizes. Our bronze is available in grades:

Bronze Grades

CDA 954

C95400 aluminum bronze

C95400 Bronze

American Iron & Alloys provides high quality CDA 954 custom bronze components for corrosive resistant marine parts, among many others.

CDA 955

C95500 nickel aluminum bronze

C95500 Bronze

Extra tough CDA 955 nickel aluminum bronze contains an increased amount of nickel, boasting strong mechanical properties and more strength with heat treating.

CDA 932

C93200 high leaded tin bronze

C93200 Bronze

CDA 932 is a long-lasting grade of bronze, featuring excellent machinability, solid corrosion resistance and isn't subject to dezincification.

CDA 863

C86300 manganese bronze

C86300 Bronze

For a tough grade of bronze for heavy duty industrial machinery, featuring significant percentages of zinc, manganese and nickel.

Bronze Raw Stock Supply

Bronze Machining Services

Custom finished bronze bearings

We sell raw bronze stock and custom finished bronze components.

Bronze bar and tubing components are critical for successful production in the fluid power industry and are ideal for applications where corrosion resistance is required. You can either purchase bronze raw or pre-cut to reduce production time. Our bronze machining services include:

  • Boring and Rough Turning
  • Pre-Machined and Machine Complete
  • Plate Cutting
  • Cut to Length, Production and Short Runs
  • Finish Machined Components

Custom Bronze Components

Finished machined bronze bushings, bearings and washers are a specialty of our bronze product division. Custom metal castings manufactured from our bronze bars and tubing are ideal for a variety of applications including:

  • Flange Bearings
  • Thrust Washers
  • Bushings
  • Wear Plates and Tubes (oil and graphite impregnated)
  • Pistons
  • Liners
  • Sleeve Bearings

Custom Metal Stock & Supply Programs

Our metal supply programs are most often built around a package of materials. This might include both our Versa-Bar continuous cast iron and bronze as well as metals of other alloys. This could be in full bars, cut to length, rough processed, finished machined, or a combination of ways. Just like Versa-Bar, bronze supply programs feature lower material cost and excellent machinability.

We have a dedicated team of personnel ready to quote your needs and build a custom supply program which offers great savings.

Contact American Iron and Alloys for a customized supply program.