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Iowa's #1 Iron & Bronze Supplier

For Continuous Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze & More

American Iron is Iowa’s leading supplier of raw and machined continuous cast iron, bronze stock, and custom components. As a Versa-Bar master distributor, we have an extensive inventory of high-quality metal stock and a nationwide supply chain including warehouses and distribution centers spanning coast to coast. With cost-effective supply programs and value-added services like rough processing and precision CNC machining, AIA is the clear choice for Iowa businesses and manufacturers looking for a reliable metal stock supplier.


Iowa’s Trusted Metal Supplier

American Iron has supplied businesses and manufacturers across Iowa with the high-quality metals they need to keep operations running since 1982. We offer the materials you need at competitive prices and differentiate ourselves from the competition with our service-focused approach. We’ll help you optimize your supply chain with our partner-supply programs, saving you time and money. Start with a free quote or contact an American Iron representative to discuss your order.

Continuous Cast Iron Supplier

Find the most competitive prices for Versa-Bar continuous cast iron stock at American Iron. Our extensive inventory of continuous cast iron stock is available in various grades making it easy to source the materials you need to succeed. Whether you need bars, cut pieces, plates, or tubing, we have the resources and capabilities to get it to you fast. Contact us for a free quote.

Gray Iron Supplier

Versa-Bar continuous cast gray iron serves as an excellent alternative to steel. As a cost-effective alternative to steel, businesses in the fluid power and bearings manufacturing industries are switching to our continuous self-lubricating gray iron. Find high-quality gray iron stock at AIA, available in a variety of grades including:

  • V-2 class 40 gray iron
  • V-1 class 30 gray iron
  • V-1A class 25 gray iron

Ductile Iron Supplier

Versa-Bar continuous ductile iron is a cost-effective steel alternative and offers wear resistance for applications requiring high machinability and corrosion resistance. Available as bars, tubes, plates, cut pieces, and more, AIA is your reliable partner for high-quality ductile iron supply. Available in a range of grades including:

  • V-3 65-45-12 ductile iron
  • V-4 80-55-06 ductile iron
  • V-5 (HT) 100-70-03 ductile iron

Bronze Supplier

American Iron offers high-quality bronze stock available in a range of grades for Iowa businesses and manufacturers. Available as bars, tubing, rounds, rods, and custom-finished components, find the perfect Bronze stock for your applications at AIA. Bronze stock is available in the following grades:

  • CDA 863 Bronze
  • CDA 932 Bronze
  • CDA 954 Bronze
  • CDA 955 Bronze

Order Bulk Continuous Cast Iron & Bronze Stock

American Iron is Iowa’s trusted supplier of raw and machined continuous cast iron, bronze stock, and custom components. Partner with AIA and benefit from our market-leading supply programs that save you time and money. We take pride in offering the best service possible, from fast quotes and competitive pricing to on-time delivery. Choose AIA as your reliable partner for all your metal stock needs!

Iowa's #1 Cast Iron & Bronze Supplier with nationwide shipping.

Our Metal Product Capabilities for Iowa Manufacturers

AIA’s precision machining and rough processing capabilities can significantly reduce your sourcing time and minimize machining expenses. We also offer specialty castings for fabricating custom-cast components to streamline your manufacturing or production process. Explore how AIA can help boost your bottom line and streamline operations, contact us today!

Metal Services

Why Choose American Iron for Iron & Metal?

Choose American Iron as your reliable partner in metal stock supply. We’ll ensure you always have the materials you need to keep operations running. Our value-added processing capabilities and flexible supply programs can help streamline your operation and even help you grow. Find the best prices, unbeatable service, and on-time deliveries with American Iron.

Request a quote or contact us for iron and metal stock for your next Iowa manufacturing project.
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