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Ductile iron has become the de facto material for America’s water system infrastructure, as well as many other applications. It has all the beneficial qualities of continuous cast iron, including corrosion resistance and machinability, but is lighter and stronger.

Ductile iron also offers environmental benefits. Made from recycled steel and ferric scrap metal (up to 95% recycled content), it is also completely recyclable. It’s also worth noting that ductile iron pipe has never leached any harmful chemicals into our nation’s drinking water supply.

In addition to being used for pipes and fittings, ductile iron is used in the manufacture of engine parts, gears and bushings, crankshafts and components for the suspension, braking and steering systems. There are also applications in engineering, particularly in the production of hand tools and pressure drums and drying drums used in the paper manufacturing industry.

American Iron & Alloys offers three grades of ductile iron, all of which provide an excellent alternative to steel:

Grades of Versa-Bar Ductile Cast Iron

65-45-12 Ductile Iron Suppliers V-3 65-45-12 Ductile Iron


80-55-06 Ductile Iron Suppliers V-4 80-55-06 Ductile Iron
100-70-03 Ductile Iron Suppliers V-5 (HT) 100-70-03 Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron Bars, Rounds & Rods

Versa-Bar ductile iron is available in a range of custom cut rods, bars and rounds. Unlike many suppliers, who require you to only purchase finished stock or parts they machine for you, American Iron & Alloys gives you the flexibility to buy ductile iron raw, processed or fully machined by us at our in-house shop.

Ductile Iron Raw Stock Supply

Speaking of our in-house capabilities, here’s what we offer:

To ensure you have a continuous supply of ductile iron, we also offer a supply program. Just let us know what your needs are and we can set up ongoing delivery to ensure you always have the ductile iron you need. To learn more, contact us online or call 800-544-4800.

Custom Casting and Machining of Ductile Iron

One of the benefits of purchasing ductile iron from American Iron & Alloys is the option of having our in-house CNC shop handle any rough or precision machining you may require, and access to a custom casting shop. By having the machining done here, you can realize significant cost savings over sourcing another machine shop. 

American Iron & Alloys produces custom-machined ductile iron parts for a wide range of applications, including:


 Proudly Serving Industries Across America

American Iron & Alloys delivers unbeatable service and reliable supply as a cast iron foundry to most major cities across the United States including but not limited to:

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