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The switch to continuous cast iron is on. Besides offering greater durability and reliability than conventional sand cast iron, Versa–Bar cast iron costs less.

Our continuous casting process allows the iron to solidify at a more uniform rate than sand cast iron or steel, which enhances its strength and durability. And with less scrap produced by casting, less machining required, and no tooling charges, costs are inherently lower.

American Iron and Alloys is a leading supplier of Versa-Bar gray iron for industries throughout the United States, particularly manufacturers of bearings and bushings for the hydraulics industry. Versa-Bar V-2, for instance, has a high graphite flake that helps parts made from it retain oil. It’s so effective, it allows lubricated parts to remain oily even in the event of oil loss.

Available gray cast iron grades for supply programs or custom components

Gray iron bars, rounds, rods and more stock types

We provide custom cut gray iron in bars, rounds and rods to customers all across the United States. While other distributors and CNC machine shops offer limited options, such as only allowing you to purchase finished stock or parts they machine for you, American Iron & Alloys lets you choose exactly what you want: raw, processed or machined.

Gray iron raw stock supply

Our cast iron supply program not only gives you unmatched flexibility, it also saves you money. If you have recurring need for a specific type of cast iron, we can set up a program to keep you in continuous supply. To learn more, contact American Iron & Alloys.

Custom casting and custom machining

In addition to selling cast iron in a variety of forms, American Iron and Alloys also offers precision machining and custom cast shapes at our in-house CNC shop. By sourcing both your materials and the machining from us, the cost savings can be significant.

We have produced custom machined cast iron parts for a wide range of applications, including:

For a free quote on custom-machined iron components, just send us a drawing of the part you are looking to have produced. We will provide a quote for both the raw materials and the machining.

Better pricing, fast delivery

American Iron and Alloys is your dependable source for Versa-Bar cast gray iron. Contact us online for a free quote, or call us at 1-800-544-4800.

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