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Impeccable Plate Cutting Service from Wisconsin’s Top CNC Machine Shop

CNC Plate Cutting Machine

American Iron & Alloy's state-of-the-art machine shop performs efficient, precise plate cutting.

CNC (computer numerical control) plate cutting is a form of metal cutting used to make a clean cut through hard materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. It can be used for standard, straight cuts, or to form intricate metal parts where human precision won’t cut it.

CNC plate cutting works by using either computer-aided plasma or oxy-fuel technology to create a high temperature, concentrated beam to melt through the metal at hand. The benefits of CNC cutting is that custom tooling leads to cheaper prices, is great for thick metal sheets that are normally extremely difficult to work with, and can be the most effective method for cutting two dimensional pieces that require extreme precision.

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CNC cutting is a highly complex skill that requires a great deal of machining knowledge and programming skills. This is why you stick with the best—the highly qualified CNC machinists at American Iron and Alloys in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Metal Shop Offers Machining and Raw Material Services

In addition to CNC metal cutting, American Iron and Alloys also offers premium quality raw materials. We stock a wide variety of alloys, sheet metals, and Versa-bar cast iron.

Versa-bar is a high quality, strong, superior cast iron bar that is great for a plethora of commercial services. Some of the industries we currently serve include the automotive industry, construction, military applications, and more! Versa-Bar cast iron can be used to make dyes, bearings, molds, breaks, and most any sturdy metal component possible.

We do all of our precision CNC machining services in house, which means no sending your parts to other facilities. This ensures that we move at a quick, timely pace so you spend less time waiting around!


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The Benefits of Versa-Bar Continuous Cast Iron

Versa-Bar is significant because it is a new form of cast iron that’s easier to machine than any of its competitors. Compared to traditional aluminum, steel, or other common metals, Versa-Bar cast iron has many positive attributes that make it perfect for a wide spectrum of industrial purposes.

For example, compared to brass, bronze, and various available alloys, Versa-Bar's metallurgical makeup is substantially more cost efficient in its machinability and versatility. Versa-bar has the ability to retain oil better, so parts can stay lubricated longer. Also, its non-abrasive texture means that it will wear much more even and naturally than other metals.

Our Metalworking Machinery Capabilities

American Iron and Alloys utilizes a variety of different CNC machining processes including:

  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Pre-milling
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Precision CNC horizontal machining
  • Precision CNC vertical machining

Utilizing these techniques, we are able machine practically anything you can draw up. CNC machining has revolutionized the metalworking industry to the point that we can produce high quality metal components at an efficient, unbelievably speedy pace. This means that we’ll have your finished product in your hands in no time!

For more information on CNC machining services or Versa-Bar cast iron, feel free to contact CNC plate cutting machinists at American Iron & Alloys today!