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Indiana's #1 Iron & Bronze Supplier

For Continuous Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze & More

American Iron is the largest full-line master distributor of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron in Indiana and North America. We also carry an extensive inventory of bronze, custom-stocked steel, and other alloys and offer specialty casting services. With unique customer supply programs to lower costs, you’ll gain access to our nationwide supply chain for reliable on-time deliveries of the metal products you need to succeed. Our foundry also maintains rough processing and precision CNC capabilities to save you time and money in your manufacturing process. Contact us today to get started.


Indiana’s Trusted Metal Supplier

Indiana-based manufacturers and businesses rely on AIA for the reliable supply of metal products they need to keep operations on track. With a nationwide supply chain consisting of warehouses and distribution centers spanning coast to coast, AIA is the clear choice for cost-effective metal stock sourcing in Indiana. Find the Iron, Bronze, and Steel products in the shapes and sizes you need at AIA. Get started today with a free quote.

Continuous Cast Iron Supplier

AIA is a master distributor of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron. Our continuous casting process allows the iron to solidify more uniformly with a consistent microstructure and ensures the final product is free from defects like porosity and inconsistent hardness. Versa-Bar continuous cast iron requires less machining and creates less scrap, meaning lower costs for you. With a large inventory of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron products available in various grades and extensive processing capabilities, AIA is the clear choice for all your continuous cast iron needs.

Gray Iron Supplier

AIA’s Versa-Bar continuous cast gay iron is metallurgically superior compared to sand cast iron and serves as an excellent alternative to steel. Ideal for use in the fluid power and bearings manufacturing industries, businesses across Indiana are switching to our continuous self-lubricating iron casting as a cost-effective alternative to steel. Find strong and durable gray iron products at AIA, available in a variety of grades including:

  • V-2 class 40 gray iron
  • V-1 class 30 gray iron
  • V-1A class 25 gray iron

Ductile Iron Supplier

Versa-Bar continuous ductile iron is a cost-effective steel alternative and boasts superior metallurgical characteristics when compared to conventional sand cast iron. Versa-Bar ductile iron offers wear resistance for applications requiring high machinability and corrosion resistance. Find high-quality Versa-Bar ductile iron products like bars, tubes, plates, cut pieces, and more, at AIA. Available in multiple grades including:

  • V-3 65-45-12 ductile iron
  • V-4 80-55-06 ductile iron
  • V-5 (HT) 100-70-03 ductile iron

Bronze Supplier

Maintain a steady supply of raw bronze stock with AIA. We supply bronze bars, tubing, rounds, rods, and custom-finished bronze components available in various grades:

  • CDA 863 Bronze
  • CDA 932 Bronze
  • CDA 954 Bronze
  • CDA 955 Bronze

Order Bulk Continuous Cast Iron & Bronze Stock

AIA is Indiana’s #1 supplier of raw and machined continuous cast iron, bronze stock, and custom components. Get the materials you need to succeed with AIA. Contact us today to discuss your metal needs or request a free quote to get started!

Indiana's Trusted Cast Iron & Bronze Supplier with Nationwide shipping

Our Metal Product Capabilities for Indiana Manufacturers

American Iron provides efficient and cost-effective CNC precision machining for components of all sizes. By leveraging our rough processing and precision machining capabilities, you can significantly reduce sourcing time and minimize machining expenses. Explore our specialty castings and custom shapes to streamline your manufacturing or production process. Discover how AIA can help optimize your operations and boost your bottom line.

Metal Services

Why Choose American Iron for Iron & Metal

Choose American Iron for all your metal needs. As a trusted industry leader, we deliver high-quality products and exceptional service. Partner with us for reliable solutions that drive your success.

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