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What Does CNC Turning Mean?

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Flawless CNC turning creates precision machined cast iron and metal components.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning is a machining process where computer controlled machining tools operate about a turning metal lathe to achieve a particular result. Because the piece of metal is spinning, the machinist is able to create a variety of different shapes, gouges, chips, and other designs.

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However, since the process is entirely computer aided, technology has made the need for hand machining obsolete. The level of accuracy and complexity achieved by CNC turning is much higher than traditional machining methods, and machinists are now able to produce custom machined components faster than ever before.

What CNC Turning Centers Produce

Utilizing CNC Turning centers (lathes), our engineers and machinists are able to create a variety of different metal components for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications including:

  • Hydraulics: pistons, glands, manifolds
  • Machine tools: gears, bushings, pulleys
  • Patterns, molds, mounting plates, pins
  • Brake discs, bearing caps, valve guides
  • Glass molds: neck rings, plungers, cores
  • Dies, rollers, sleeves, spacers

Our CNC shop boasts advanced turning machines: 6 CNC horizontal lathes, 3 manual turret lathes and 3 automatic chucker lathes. You draw it up, we’ll make it. Tell us your requirements. We’ll supply the material and process and machine it into the exact component(s) you need.

We perform custom metal services for many industrial areas including the automotive industry, construction, military applications, and more!


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Value-Added CNC Machining Services: Beyond Turning

American Iron & Alloys machine shop handles every aspect of your project, from supplying the materials, to machining the product and on-time distribution. Our capabilities for producing custom metal components include:

  • Plate cutting
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Boring
  • Precision CNC horizontal machining
  • Precision CNC vertical machining

What Metals are CNC Compatible?

American Iron and Alloys currently stocks various metals, alloys, and other materials that are eligible for CNC turning. We can custom machine stainless steel, carbon fiber, and best of all Versa-bar continuous cast iron to your individual needs and specifications.

Versa-bar is a form of cast iron that substantially easier to machine compared to many other available metals and alloys. In terms of performance, Versa-bar iron is able to retain lubrication better, wears much more efficiently, and is overall a cheaper alternative to metals such as bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel.

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