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Tool and Die: Iron and Bronze Supplier

Tool and die metal services and specialty casting

When you’re in need of someone to supply metal for projects in your industry, American Iron can help. We supply and manufacture cast iron and bronze to several industries, including tool and die. Our partnership brings you better pricing, a flexible supply chain, and nationwide reach. We are the tool and die supply partner you need, especially if you’re looking for a bulk supply of our quality iron and bronze material

Most popular tool and die products from AIA:

Why should you partner with AIA?

We are a company that supplies continuous cast iron and bronze alloys nationwide. Whether you’re in the market for bars and tubing or if you’re in need of more complex parts, we offer it all. Our precision CNC machining services will be able to provide you with fully machined metal components that save you time and money. Popular tool and die industry items include our V-2 class 40 gray iron and V-3 65-45-12 ductile iron. When you partner with us, you can be confident that you are getting the best metal components on the market. Contact American Iron for more information about our tool and die services and capabilities. 

Our goal...

If you’re in need of a consistent supply of tool and die components, American Iron provides you with a fast and flexible supply chain. As your partner, we aim to provide you with the highest quality tool and die parts at an affordable price. We also make sure that you get your parts when you need them. 

What we need...

All we need is a blueprint with your specifications to get a prototype built if you’re in need of custom tool and die components. We’ll get you a free quote as soon as you let us know what you need. 

What we can do...

With our precision CNC machining services, we can manufacture a wide range of metal parts for all sorts of industries and applications. Our capabilities span far beyond tool and die parts. Contact us to learn more about our metal services and what we offer as a partner.



Why choose Versa-Bar for tool and die parts?

Vera-Bar is a superior alternative to traditional sand castings because of its unique metallurgical properties. Our cast iron grades feature microscopic flakes or spheres of graphite with tiny recesses that promote oil retention. Naturally non-abrasive qualities give Versa-bar tubes, rounds, bars, and rods superior wearability, making it the best tool and die metal. 


Cast iron available through AIA:


What Versa-Bar continuous cast iron offers you:

Engine Component Manufacturer & Supplier Piston Ring Manufacturer Valve Seat manufacturer







About American Iron

We have been providing high-quality metals to customers since 1982. From fluid power to automotive, we serve a wide variety of industries. We are Wisconsin-based, but whether you’re located in California, New York, Florida, or Washington, American Iron has distribution close by to fill your order. 

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