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Cored bronze rounds in stock

Raw Bronze Stock Round Supplier

American Iron & Alloys is an excellent resource for ordering raw bronze materials, such as rounds, pipes, bars and tubes. Our large distribution network gives us the ability to ship large quantities of bronze alloys worldwide. There are many different grades of bronze that are always on hand in our ample stockhouses, providing for fast and affordable shipping. Our most popular available grades of bronze are:

See our entire list of bronze grades by CDA designation.

If you run your own CNC shop or have access to a provider of CNC services, we can ship you the raw bronze stock that you need. And, for added value, we can do the CNC machining work ourselves and cut out the middle man, saving you time and money.

Value-Added Bronze CNC Machining Services

The true value of American Iron & Alloys is added when our clients employ the full scope of our services, which consists of not just the raw material, but also the CNC machining of custom bronze components. We work with the fluid power, transportation and construction industries, and you can choose from a several different grades of bronze to find the right grade for you.

We use lathes, precision saws and other state-of-the-art equipment in our cutting edge CNC shop to create fine-tuned, perfectly honed custom bronze components, such as thrust washers, bushings, pistons, and sleeve bearings, to name a few.

Contact American Iron & Alloys for these top of the line value-added services:

Regardless of the specifications, our expert CNC machinists can get the job done. You can always trust in American Iron & Alloys to supply high quality bronze rods and tubing, as well as heavy duty, perfectly crafted components for the best bronze supply program you'll find.

Contact American Iron & Alloys for custom finished bronze components and precision CNC machining.
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