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Precision Machined

Precision Machined Bronze Components

CNC Professionals Produce Precision Machined Bronze Components

Precision machining is used on many materials, including steel, iron, graphite, glass and bronze. American Iron & Alloys specializes in the production of cast iron and bronze custom precision machined components. Precision machining requires various tools such as lathes, milling machines, saws, grinders and drill presses to produce the highest quality components.

American Iron & Alloys has grown to be one of the most reliable distributors of raw stock bronze and producers of custom machined bronze parts in the Midwest and beyond. Our state of the art CNC shop gives us the capability of creating custom bronze components with extremely low tolerances and creating parts other CNC machining companies wouldn't bother to attempt. 

We provide a wide variety of grades of bronze stock, including a few of the most popular grades (by CDA designation):

Our precision machining services produces a high volume of large and small custom bronze components for the fluid power and transportation industries, including bushings, bearings, pistons, thrust washers, and more. No matter your specifications, we can precision machine it.

Bronze Bars and Tubing Shipped Worldwide

In addition to producing precision machined custom bronze components, American Iron & Alloys also sells bronze as raw stock, for companies with their own internal CNC operations merely in need of the materials. Our wide distribution network allows us to ship quickly to locations around the United States and beyond quickly and affordably. No other CNC machining company provides bronze bars, tubes, rounds and pipes at a lower price than American Iron & Alloys.

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