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Machined Cast Iron

CNC Machine for Precision Milling of Continuous Cast Iron and Bronze

Continuous Cast Iron Distributor Also Machines Pieces to Customer Specification

Not only does American Iron and Alloys provide industry leading Versa Bar to businesses nationwide, we also offer a full range of machining options. Whether you need a bar, round or square turned, bored or milled, American Iron and Alloys can handle your custom machining request.

Have your continuous cast iron machined by our experts before it’s shipped out.

The machinists at American Iron and Alloys have years of experience working with continuous cast iron. This lets them operate their CNC machines, lathes and other metal cutting tools at optimal speeds for quick, precise work. In the end, you’ll save time and money by receiving a continuous cast iron part ready for finishing.

Wide Selection of Machines Lets Us Produce Custom Parts

Sometimes, all you need is a 72” long bar of continuous cast iron. Other times, though, you might require a custom, heavily milled or turned part. Thanks to the wide variety of machines at our disposal, American Iron and Alloys can produce custom parts quickly and cost effectively.

Our high speed cold cutting circular caw lets us cut even large diameter pieces quickly.

Once we have the right size piece of Versa Bar, our CNC machining centers and lathes, together with manual turret and chucker lathers, let us produce just the custom part you need. Whether you want thousands of bearings or only one specific piece, American Iron and Alloys will fill your order. You already trust American Iron and Alloys for your Versa Bar, now, let us save you time and money by machining your continuous cast iron, too.

Contact cast iron machining specialists at American Iron and Alloys for a quote on your custom Versa Bar part.
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