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Low Tolerance Saw

Low Tolerance Continuous Cast Iron Cutting Saw

High Precision Cold Saw Produces Best Custom Cut Metal Stock

American Iron & Alloys is continually improving processes and updating our equipment to keep up with modern technology. The ability to constantly streamline our production methods keeps costs and prices for customers as low as possible.

Investing in new equipment also maximizes product quality. Our Tsune cold saw sets a new standard for our continuous cast iron and bronze supply system. The saw cuts with tolerances within a few thousandths of an inch, leaving the surface look like it was milled. It takes far less time to cut than on a traditional band saw. Saved time in production combined with higher quality cuts means a better product at a lower price.

Our expert CNC machinists operate the cold saw, lathes and other CNC machines to make the best steel alternative products fitting your specifications out of continuous cast iron Versa Bar.

Metal Supplier Sets the Industry Standard for Continuous Cast Iron

American Iron & Alloys has developed an excellent reputation as a superior metals distributor on the market today. Our advanced manufacturing processes and highly trained machinists are the reason. 

No other metals supplier offers you the ability to make a more diverse array of high quality custom metal parts. Our value added service include grindingboring and cutting. If you don’t require finished products, we can supply you with raw, unprocessed continuous cast iron rounds, bars and tubes as well.

We offer the lowest prices for high production as well as medium or smaller sized orders. When you purchase from us, you know you’re getting the best. American Iron & Alloys offers quick turn around and ships nationwide from our distribution centers in Wisconsin and on the East Coast.

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