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Machined Bronze Bearings

Machined Bronze Bearings stacked on a pallet

CNC Machinists Create Custom Machined Bronze Bearings

American Iron & Alloys is your complete source for bronze bar stock and machined bronze bearings finished by our expert CNC machinists at our shop in Waukesha, WI. We build custom bronze components based on your exact specifications. We sell bronze bar, tube and pipe stock if you wish, but can produce custom parts for you as well, lowering the production cost and saving you time. 

Our precision CNC machining services for bronze bar (and continuous cast iron as well) include: finish machining, plate slitting, turning, grinding, milling, boring and cut to length. 

American Iron & Alloys metal supply programs are generally built around a package of materials, including Versa-Bar continuous cast iron and bronze along with other metals. The packages are put together just as you desire them, in full bars, rough processed, finished machined or cut to length. However you like it.

Bronze Suppliers Offer Multiple Grades of Corrosion Resistant Bronze

Marine parts need to remain tough and live long in the face of consistent exposure to seawater containing corrosive agents. Tough propellors, condensers, shafting, heat exchangers and other marine hardware composed of strong bronze alloys are the best bet for surviving extended exposure in an underwater environment.

American Iron & Alloys provides many grades of bronze to give you the most price flexibility and versatility in selecting bronze components right for you. We offer some of the most popular brands of corrosion resistant bronze on the market, including:

No matter your exact requirements, American Iron & Alloys has just the grade of bronze you need to build heavy duty, long lasting custom bronze components, such as pistons, bushings and bearings.

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