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Best Iron & Bronze Metal Supplier in Madison, WI

Quality Metals at Lower Prices

American Iron & Alloys supplies Madison area businesses with high-quality raw materials and professionally made metal products. Various construction, manufacturing, and machining companies in the Madison area rely on American Iron & Alloys to deliver products of outstanding quality.


Premium Iron Alloy Grades for Madison Manufacturers

Working with American Iron gives you access to premium iron alloy grades that meet Madison's exacting manufacturing standards. Whether your project calls for ductile iron's strong durability, gray iron's remarkable corrosion resistance, or alloyed gray iron's great wear resistance, we have you covered. These premium alloys are painstakingly developed to have outstanding mechanical qualities, guaranteeing they can withstand the demands of Madison's industrial environment.

Our team of industry specialists is always available to provide information and recommendations, assisting you in selecting the optimal iron alloy grade that fully corresponds with your individual needs. As your dependable partner in achieving industrial excellence, we take pleasure in being more than just a supplier.

Metal Services near Madison, WI

American Iron supplies companies and manufacturers in and around Madison, WI, including the fluid power industries, pattern shops, construction industries, bearing manufacturers, and more! Our metal services include custom and specialty iron and bronze castings, pre-machine processed cast iron and bronze, and in-house CNC machining services. Contact us to get started!


Iron & Bronze Metal Supplier in Madison

Metal Supplier for Madison Businesses: Raw and Finished Products

American Iron is a nationwide Metal Supplier fueling industries like fluid power, automotive, aerospace, foundry, and many more. We are a master distributor of the full line of Versa Bar Continous Cast products, and stock in-demand bronze and iron bar and tubing grades. High-quality raw materials are available. Popular metals we supply nationwide include:

Nationwide Ductile Iron Supplier 

Its extraordinary strength and flexibility make it widely used in heavy machinery, automotive components, and water infrastructure. Due to our huge inventory, tight quality control, and expertise, American Iron distinguishes out as the best ductile iron supplier in Madison.

Nationwide Bronze Supplier 

Widely utilized in marine applications, sculptures, and bearings, it is renowned for its resistance to corrosion and aesthetic appeal. The remarkable bronze assortment at American Iron caters to Madison businesses looking for both attractive and practical bronze products.

Nationwide Metal Supplier 

American Iron is a full-service, nationwide metal supplier that provides Madison businesses with unrivaled versatility. With a diverse inventory of metals and alloys and a reputation for dependability, we provide organizations with customized solutions for each project.

Nationwide Steel Tube Supplier 

Vital in construction, transportation, and other industries that provide critical support for the movement of fluids and gases. Madison businesses benefit from our large selection of steel tubes, which are all made to stringent specifications for a variety of uses.

Bulk Continuous Cast Iron and Bronze Stock Available near Madison

Our broad assortment of continuous cast iron and bronze can improve your manufacturing processes. We offer quality materials and expertise as an iron and bronze supply industry expert. Discover the value of having readily available, high-quality stock, and we are prepared to support your initiatives with efficiency, consistency, and perfection. We can accommodate any size order, from 5 to 5,000 metal components. Contact us right away to get started!

Rough Processing and Precision Machining In-House Services

Using our in-house CNC machining adds versatility to our shop and saves you money! We create custom iron and bronze castings to your requirements and provide pre-machine processed cast iron and bronze.

Contact us right away to place your order for AIA's American-made specialty castings and custom metal products.

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