American Iron is proud to announce a new warehouse in Houston, Texas – expanding our reach, improving your service.

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Cast Iron Foundry for Gray Iron & Ductile Iron Castings

Lower Prices, Better Performance on Casted ProductsCast Iron Foundry Serving Industries Nationwide

American Iron & Alloys specializes in both Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Castings, providing the perfect balance of affordability and performance. Our dedication to quality resonates in every piece we craft, from Gray Iron to Ductile Iron, resulting in precise and durable casted products. With a nationwide reach, we serve diverse industries with superior casted solutions.



Gray Iron Casting

Combining tradition and innovation, our Gray Iron Casting delivers both strength and adaptability. Whether it's intricate detailing or robust structural elements, our Gray Iron Casting technique produces pieces that effortlessly embrace both lasting durability and pinpoint precision. Entrust your projects to our expertise, and watch them come to life with the timeless quality of Gray Iron Casting.

Ductile Iron Casting

Using advanced techniques, our Ductile Iron Casting process incorporates the unique properties of ductile iron to craft components known for their exceptional strength, resilience, and adaptability. From intricate mechanical parts to heavy-duty applications, our Ductile Iron Casting process excels in delivering both precision and longevity. Count on our expertise to turn your concepts into tangible results, underpinned by the remarkable quality of Ductile Iron Casting.

Serving Industries Throughout the United States

American Iron & Alloys supplies industries from Coast to Coast, including cities but not limited to:


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