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Machined Iron Casting Chips

Machined Iron Casting Chips

Machined Ductile Iron Castings at American Iron & Alloys, LLC

American Iron & Alloys, LLC is your best source for metal fabrication and machined iron components! We're a company based in the US, dedicated to bringing our customers the best custom metal cuts in the industry. Whether you're looking for bearings or tubing, continuous cast iron is the metal to order. From gray to ductile iron, you have all you'll ever need to choose from with American Iron & Alloys, LLC! For more information, call us today or request a free quote to get a better idea of our prices: 

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Continuous Cast Iron Bar for Sale in the US

The best selection of metal fabrication casting materials can only be found at our US company. With continuous cast ductile and gray iron available, you can choose between the two (or order both) for your specific needs: 

Our Custom Cut Cast Iron is the Best in the Country

At American Iron & Alloys, LLC, we have never shied away from telling it like it is. Although there are many other companies who specialize in machined iron casting, there are few who can match the capabilities and success we have seen year after year. Services like our specialty casting & custom shapes make it easy for us to keep customers satisfied evrey time they come back to do business with us. If you need any specific parts included in your order, just give us a call and we'll make sure everything is completed correctly and on time! 

Take a Look at Our Wisconsin Metal Casting Services 

From bearings, plungers, pistons, wear plates, pistons, and bushings, we supply you with practically everything you can think of when it comes to custom fabricated metal parts. If we don't offer a part you're looking for, let us know and we'll do our best to find you a product of similar or equal ability! American Iron & Alloys, LLC has a number of services to keep up with your demand, including: 

Don't turn away from a good deal! American Iron & Alloys has been in the industry for years and knows what it takes to be successful: it all comes down to the customer. First, we guarantee a positive and fast customer service experience so you can get your orders in as quickly as possible. This is followed by a comprehensive processing so by the time your order is complete, it's done right and doesn't have to be redone or corrected. Our bronze and iron fabrication company is the best choice when you need specific parts like machined iron casting chips - contact us today!

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