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Custom Finished Components

Custom finished components made from continuous cast iron

Waukesha Metal Suppliers Produce Custom Finished Components

Metal finishers at American Iron & Alloys utilize highly versatile and durable Versa-Bar to make long-lasting custom castings and metal components in long and short runs. We keep a vast supply of continuous cast iron and bronze sheets and bars able to be machined into a wide variety of different cast iron parts, including hydraulic seal rings, spindles, glands and manifolds. 

Fine grain structure and unprecedented machinability of Versa-Bar makes for a cost-effective and highly durable alternative to aluminum or steel. The continuous casting process using Versa-Bar all but eliminates rejections due to porosity and center line shrinkage. These flaws usually don't become evident until expensive machining has been completed. Using Versa-Bar means a significant reduction in the risk of machining unusable material.

Optimize your manufacturing processes and get the best custom finished components utilizing our revolutionary continuous casting. Versa-Bar machining guarantees a lower material cost, improved machinability and improved performance.

Custom Component Fabricators Supply All Forms of Continuous Cast Iron

We also supply stock supply of continuous cast iron and bronze in bulk. Whether you're looking for ductile iron bar stock or custom sized cast iron sheets or other malleable iron bars, we have just the stock metals for you. Our metal distributors keep a complete inventory at our central headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin, as well as our distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Cast Iron Stock Options

American Iron & Alloys stocks three major grades of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron, featuring varying levels of tensile and yield strengths: V-2 (Class 40) Gray Iron, V-3 (65-45-12) Ductile Iron and V-4 (80-55-06). Contact our metal stock experts for more information about our several stock Versa-Bar products.

Contact American Iron & Alloys for more information on how Versa-Bar is the better alternative for your custom metal components.
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