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Custom Iron Components

Custom casted continuous cast iron components

Short Run Specialty Castings of Unique Metal Components

Custom ordering replacement iron, bronze and steel parts can be extremely expensive. Purchasing metals in bulk is always preferred, but sometimes parts out of production need to be machined in small quantities. American Iron & Alloys works with several foundries and metal producers to make you suitable replacement components at an affordable price.

The price of replacing outdated or aging machinery can be extremely high. Until you are ready to make the investment, you need replacement parts to keep them going and functioning properly. Continuous cast iron parts machined by metal fabricators at American Iron & Alloys can be produced affordably, and keep your existing machinery producing at a high efficiency until you're ready to make the plunge into upgrading your CNC machinery.

Trust in expert CNC machinists to create specialty custom iron and bronze castings to replace critical worn or broken parts in your existing equipment.

Continuous Cast Iron is a Great Alternative to Steel and Aluminum

Versa-Bar continuous cast iron from American Iron & Alloys is a tremendous cost-efficient, high quality alternative to popular casted metals such as steel or aluminum. 

Cast Iron Stock Options

Our continuous cast iron features high graphite flake content, giving Versa-Bar some very important advantages over other materials. Microscopic flakes of graphite within our Versa-Bar have small recesses promoting the retention of oil, meaning lubricated parts stay lubricated for longer. Because it retains lubrication, if there is an oil loss, Versa-Bar is able to "self-lubricate" itself. 

The natural non-abrasive quality of Versa-Bar makes it the perfect hydraulic metal. When you are looking for custom metal components, our long lasting, high-quality continuous cast iron and bronze castings are exactly what you need. 

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