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Cast Iron Stock in Warehouse

Continuous Cast Iron Stock in Midwest Warehouse

Bulk Continuous Cast Iron Solutions for Any Industry

Our service focused approach has made American Iron & Alloys a top iron stock supplier in the nation. We currently have two locations shipping our products, quickly and efficiently filling orders. We have a unique supply approach and a growing product line – including CNC machines and high speed metal cutting saws operating on the premises.

We provide clients with three varieties of continuous cast iron: Class 40, 65-45-12 and 80-55-06. Choose American Iron & Alloys to build an affordable metal supply program for your shop.

Cast Iron Stock Options

Industry Leading Tooling Technology

The latest developments in ceramic, carbide and various other cutting tool technology in the machining of cast iron yields dramatically better cutting rates, thanks to the Versa Bar’s improved metallurgy. We have achieved feed rates as high as 1,500 sfm with Versa Bar.

By matching the metallurgical advantages of Versa Bar with the new tooling options available, you can achieve higher machine rates. The bottom line is letting American Iron & Alloys supply you with Versa Bar will save you time and money.

Contact American Iron & Alloys for an affordable gray or ductile iron supply program and cast iron stock distributors.
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