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Cast Iron Specialty Components

Continuous cast iron custom specialty machined components

Custom Metal Fabricators Produce Cast Iron Specialty Components

When you need a small quantity of custom metal components, necessary to replace defective or broken metal parts, look no further than American Iron & Alloys to engineer custom continuous cast iron components to keep your existing machinery up and running smoothly. 

Purchasing metal stock or metal components in bulk is largely preferable to buying smaller quantities of specialty items. If you go through our competitors, machinery designed for long runs of production will be used to produce a small amount of items, wasting money on operation costs and resulting in higher prices.

American Iron & Alloys utilizes the cost-efficient properties of our continuous cast iron stock to produce specialty castings and custom metal components at the very lowest price. Bring in old parts and its specifications and we'll cast a replacement part living up to modern standards. Even if you don't have the precise specifications, our casting professionals match your part and engineer a high quality replacement.

Cast Iron Stock Options

Machinists Prefer Continuous Casting to Sand Casting

Continuous casting is a significant improvement over traditional sand casting. Place Versa-Bar and a sand cast bar next to each other, and you'll see a big difference between the cast finish. Continuous casting produces a superior surface finish and all but eliminates centerline shrinking and internal porosity. Sand casting relies on synthetic silica-based materials to form a mold. The finished product has a rougher surface finish than continuously casted Versa-Bar. 

Continuous cast iron from American Iron & Alloys, due to its cost-efficient properties, is your best option for producing specialty metal components. Our metal fabricators use the latest casting technology to make your custom continuous cast iron products as affordable and high-quality as possible.

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