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In-house lean manufacturing solutions for continuous cast iron products

Continuous Cast Iron Products in Warehouse

Versa-Bar: The superior alternative to steel and sand cast iron

Versa Bar continuous cast gray and ductile iron is a highly sought-after steel alternative. Many industries are switching to continuous cast iron because it is cost-effective compared to other steel alternatives, like aluminum.

Our continuous cast iron solidifies uniformly, making it incredibly durable and more uniform than traditional sand cast iron. Generating less scrap and requiring less machining time, continuous cast iron costs significantly less than other metals. Save time and money by switching to Versa-Bar for all your ferrous metal needs.

Cast iron stock options

Versa-Bar vs. sand casting

Sand casting techniques have been around for thousands of years, largely unchanged. Continuous cast iron has only recently been developed, thanks to new techniques and technologies. The casting process used to produce Versa-Bar is superior to the old sand cast iron methods in several respects. The Versa-Bar continuous casting process significantly reduces rejection pieces, making them more cost-effective to produce.

Additionally, continuous casting reduces porosity and does not allow the center line to shrink. Reducing these internal flaws results in fewer pieces ruined during machining. American Iron's Versa Bar continuous cast iron will make your shop more productive, reduce waste, and eliminate headaches caused by suddenly exposing an interior flaw after hours of extensive machining.

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