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Metal Finishing Process

Custom Finishing Experts Keep Your Costs Low and Quality High

The experts at American Iron & Alloys are constantly streamlining a finishing process to limit production costs and maximize efficiency. Our team utilizes a host of high-tech equipment to ensure we produce your product quickly and with as little waste as possible.

After cutting, drilling, turning and milling Versa Bar to the shape you need, our metal finishing technicians will grind, deburr and polish your component to perfection.

Due to the unique metallurgical properties of Versa Bar, American Iron & Alloys can machine and finish it at rates equal to or better than aluminum, bronze, and steel. This means your part will be ready sooner and at a lower cost with Versa Bar than with other metals.

Metal Finishing Services Add Value to Continuous Cast Iron

American Iron & Alloys provides a superior alternative to traditional sand cast iron: continuous cast iron. Continuous cast iron performs better and costs less to produce than sand casting. No rejections due to center line shrinkage and porosity reduce waste and production costs.

Many casting flaws don’t reveal themselves until expensive, time consuming machining has been done. Versa Bar reduces the risk of machining unusable material with its remarkable uniformity, ensuring a quality product and low production costs.

Components made from Versa Bar also last longer than those made from other metals. The graphite in continuous cast iron performs a unique kind of self-lubrication, protecting the part in the event of oil loss. Small recesses in continuous cast iron’s microstructure retain oil, keeping components oiled for longer.

Have American Iron & Alloys provide finished components made from Versa Bar, a long-lived, low cost alternative to anything else on the market today. Save time and money by getting your custom components produced and finished by American Iron & Alloys.

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