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Custom Finishing Machine

Custom Finishing Machine Milling Continuous Cast Iron

Waukesha Metal Supplier Finishes Components to Your Unique Specifications

American Iron & Alloys has a wide selection of machinery capable of producing and finishing any kind of custom bronze or cast iron component you desire. We use our supply of CNC machines, cold cutting circular saws and lathes to create a diverse array of iron and bronze products.

Our metal finishing services provide end user ready components for a variety of industries.

The metal finishing experts at American Iron & Alloys have many years of experience producing a huge variety of continuous cast iron products. Order Versa Bar for its superior performance and let American Iron & Alloys finish your component to save time and money on production.

Continuous Cast Iron: Best Steel Alternative at a Lower Price

Versa Bar gives you a less expensive option than steel and aluminum without sacrificing strength and durability. Continuous cast iron Versa Bars are metallurgically superior to conventional sand cast iron, aluminum and many grades of both carbon and alloy steel.

Our cast iron is available from 60,000 to 80,000 psi tensile strength. Versa Bar can even provide up to 100,000 psi tensile strength through heat treatment.

The metal’s longevity greatly increases its overall value. Thanks to the continuous casting process, Versa Bar features microscopic flakes of graphite with tiny recesses promoting the retention of oil. Your lubricated parts stay oiled for longer.

Versa Bar is a lower cost alternative to steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and many grades of alloy. Continuous casting has far fewer imperfections and rejections, allowing for cost saving standardized production methods with less waste.

American Iron & Alloys provides the best steel alternative on the market and expert metal finishing services for all of your component manufacturing needs.

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