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Our best year yet at the CON/AGG show

Published on April 07, 2023

Recently, American Iron had the pleasure of attending the CON/AGG show from March 14-18th in Las Vegas, NV. This is the largest industrial show that Las Vegas has, so naturally, American Iron has been attending it for the past 40 years. President of American Iron Rick Janes even believes this year was the best show yet due to its high volume and valuable industry connections. Janes explains that American Iron only has one major competitor in the United States, making their attendance crucial at this show. 

This year was the first time The Lawton Standard Co. joined American Iron in their booth at the show. It drew interest and allowed them to expand their presence to include the casting capabilities they now offer by being part of the Lawton Standard family. Janes admits that American Iron’s attendance at this show doesn’t always pay off due to the high cost of being part of the show, but says, “It only takes one [good contact] to really make the show pay off…”.

When asked what made the show so great this year, Janes discussed a unique display item they had at the booth “…a very unique disc brake that’s going to go on high-performance cars. The prototypes for that new disc brake are made out of our material. I worked with them from the beginning… to develop the casting without building tooling.”

Janes is really beginning to see the benefit of joining The Lawton Standard family because now they can take a product they developed as continuous cast iron or Versa-Bar product and take it to the sand-cast level once it hits its usage. “That was kind of exciting to have that transition…” Janes says.

With the opportunities joining The Lawton Standard Co. provided, this year was the best for American Iron at the CON/AGG show due to the new world of possibilities.

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