V-1 Class 30 Gray Iron Stock

Choose Versa-Bar if you seek...

  1. Decreased material costs
  2. Improved machinability
  3. Superior performance & durability

A superior alternative to steel - V-1 Class 30 Versa-Bar Gray Iron

V-1 (Class 30) gray iron from Versa-Bar is rated with a nominal tensile strength of 30,000 psi and a Brinnel hardness range of 109 (annealed) to 207 (as cast). This makes it an excellent alternative to steel for many engine and machinery applications.

With our continuous casting process, our V-1 Class 30 product solidifies iron at a more uniform rate than either steel or sand cast iron. Not only is it metallurgically superior to other steel alternatives, it’s also considerably more cost-effective. There is less scrap produced in the manufacturing process, and it doesn’t require as much machining as sand cast iron.

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Class 30 Gray Iron Custom Cast Parts

Class 30 gray iron (30,000 psi) is used for many types of custom cast parts.

The high damping capacity of Versa-Bar V-1 gray iron (about 20 to 25 times higher than steel), along with its high hardness and machinability make it well suited for engine blocks, brake components and supports for heavy machinery. It’s so versatile, though, our customers are always finding new uses for it.

Your Source for V-1 Class 30 Gray Iron Stock & Precision Cast Components

In addition to being the largest provider of Versa-Bar class 30 cast gray iron in North America, we produce custom precision cast components. By combining your purchase with our CNC machining services, you can get the finished parts you need at a significantly lower price than if you were to source the parts and the machining work separately.

Machining services:

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