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Continuous Cast Iron Bar Stock

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Continuous cast gray and ductile iron bar from American Iron & Alloys offers a superior alternative to traditional sand castings and steel. Ordinary cast iron can’t compete with Versa-Bar in terms of quality and versatility.

  1. Improved machinability
  2. Lower material cost
  3. Better longevity and performance
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Continuous cast iron offers manufacturers in the fluid power industry a way to cut costs and INCREASE overall quality. Bearing manufacturers, pattern shops and construction equipment engineers benefit from continuous cast iron’s superior metallurgical composition. Get a free quote for our cast iron raw stock material.  

Stock Iron Bar Material Specifications
Bars & Rods Diameter .625" - 23.6"
Rounds Starting Diameter 1.5"

American Iron & Alloys Cast Iron Grades

From Raw Material to Custom Cast Components

We’re more than a dealer. Our in-house CNC shop boasts the capability of precision machining cast iron components. Save on shipping costs by keeping stock purchases and CNC machining services under one roof.

Send us a drawing and we’ll get you a full quote on materials cost and estimate the machining of your custom iron component(s).

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