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Metallurgical purity and machinability for any project

Plate stock Versa-Bar from American Iron & Alloys offers a superior quality that can’t be found with competing cast iron stock. The continuous casting process used to create our gray and ductile iron results in a product that is more machinable and consistent throughout.

Our cast iron stock is favored for fluid power applications, bearings, and use in construction equipment due to its self-lubricating properties and exceptional metallurgical composition.

American Iron & Alloys Cast Iron Plate Grades

V-1A Glass Mold Class 25 Iron | V-1 Class 30 Gray Iron | V-5 100-70-03 Ductile Iron | V-6 Class 35 Gray Iron

High quality stock to meet your specifications

Versa-Bar continuous cast gray and ductile iron plates are unmatched in durability and machinability. A good finished product begins with the material you decide to machine it from.

Starting your project with continuous cast iron plate supply from American Iron & Alloys ensures that your finished project will be solid from the ground up.

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