V-2 Class 40 Gray Iron

Class 40 Gray Iron Features Unique Graphite Flakes

Class 40 Gray Iron

V-2 Class 40 Gray Iron available as raw stock or machined parts.

V-2 (Class 40) gray iron features a tensile strength of 40,000 psi with a compression strength of 150,000 psi. Class 40 gray iron’s hardness ranges from 187 to 269 bhn. The microstructure is essentially pearlitic. It’s used widely for bearing and bushing applications in the hydraulics industry.

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Our Class 40 Continuous Cast Gray Iron is a Better Alternative

But that’s not all it’s good for—class 40 gray iron is suited well for any high wear resistance applications within the limits of the available shapes and sizes.

All grades of continuous cast iron, including Class 40 gray iron, are excellent alternatives to steel. Our continuous casting process solidifies iron at a more uniform rate than sand cast iron or steel.

Class 40 Gray Iron Machining Services:

Class 40 gray iron is appropriate for many types of machinery, including housings, pulleys, sheaves and spindles. It’s also used in the transportation industry, good for brake rotors, valve seat inserts and gears.

The unique characteristics of Versa-Bar make V-2 class 40 gray iron a superior option to gray iron provided by many other distributors of raw cast iron stock and custom components.

Class 40 Gray Iron Chemical Composition

Carbon Silicon Manganese Sulfur Phosphorus
2.6-3.75% 1.8-3% 0.6-0.95% 0.07% max 0.12% max
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength 40,000 psi
Compressive strength 150,000 psi
Transverse strength: Average lbs. load on 1.2" dia. bar on 18" span 4,000 psi
Deflection - inches 0.25 - 0.34
Brinell hardness range 183/285
Microstructure, as cast Essentially pearlitic
Heat treatment Can be oil-quench hardened from 1575°F to attain Rockwell C-50 min. surface hardness
Machinability Very good
ASTM Specification A 48 (Class 40)

Class 40 Gray Iron Stock Material

Bar, Rounds & Rods

American Iron & Alloys, LLC has been shipping our gray iron rods and rounds around the United States for years. Our customers are companies who order custom continuous cast rods for their various manufacturing and assembling productions. Need the best prices on custom cut ductile iron? We’re the company to call.

Bars & Rods Diameter .625" - 23.6"
Rounds Starting Diameter 1.5"

Tubes & Piping

Our supply of custom class 40 gray iron cast tubes and piping are available as part of our huge raw iron stock supply. Any company in the United States find exactly what they’re looking for when they order our Versa-Bar products.

Custom I.D.s & O.D.s Up to 22"
Material Raw Iron

Billets & Squares

When taking your order for custom cast class 40 gray iron billets and squares, we make sure to go over your measurements to guarantee you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Squares 1.250 SQ" – 18.5 SQ"
Material Raw or Custom Cast Components

Flat Bar & Plates

American Iron & Alloys is the BEST source for custom cast flat bars and plates. Customers who spend weeks researching companies always choose our company for orders on custom cast iron parts – contact us today.

Starting Diameter 18.5" x 22" x 72"
Diameter Limit 10.5" x 24" x 82"

Versa-Bar Continuous Cast Iron Means Improved Performance

Why choose Versa-Bar V-2 gray iron? Versa-Bar contains a high graphite flake content giving it numerous benefits over other gray iron on the market. Microscopic graphite flakes have very small recesses promoting the retention of oil. Lubricated parts stay oily longer. In the event of oil loss, versa-bar is able to retain its lubrication, and it has a better chance of survival.

What does this all mean? Greater durability. Longer life. A better product for a better price.

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