V-1A Glass Mold Class 25 Gray Iron Stock

Choose Versa-Bar if you seek...

  1. Decreased material costs
  2. Improved machinability
  3. Superior performance & durability

Class 25 Gray Iron Chemical Composition

Carbon Silicon Manganese Sulfur Phosphorus
2.6-3.75% 2.3-3% 0.035-0.10% 0.025% max 0.10% max

V-1A Ferritic Gray Iron for Glass Mold Industry

Versa Bar V-1A was originally developed for the glass mold industry, which requires a fine grain structure and a superior machining finish. Our continuous cast process results in an iron that is not only metallurgically superior to other steel alternatives, but also more cost-effective.

Class 25 Gray Iron Custom Cast Parts

Class 25 gray iron (25,000 psi) is used for many types of custom cast parts.

Our V-1A gray iron is comprised of Type D graphite in a mostly ferrite matrix. The smaller graphite flakes and size, as well as the ferritic matrix structure, enhances ductility and results in healing and cooling cycles having little effect on dimensional growth. This makes it a favored choice for glass mold applications, such as blank molds and plungers.

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While the high thermal conductivity of V-1A and its specific heat capacity make it ideal for decorative castings, the presence of graphite flakes and the excellent damping characteristics of this iron make it also useful for applications involving wear, such as cutting tools and engine blocks. Versatility is a hallmark of Versa-Bar, and our customers are finding new applications every day.

Possible applications of V-1A class 25 gray iron:

  • Fly wheels
  • Gears
  • End caps
  • Plates
  • Valve bodies
  • Supports
  • Frames
  • Bearing supports
  • Specialty Castings
  • ...and much more.

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American Iron and Alloys is not only the largest provider of Versa-Bar continuous cast iron in North America, we are also offer a range of custom machining services. By consolidating your purchase with our machining,, we can produce what you need at a significantly lower price than if you were to source the materials and the machining separately.

Machining Services

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