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We supply 100% made in America cast iron ingots nationwide

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Versa-Bar continuous cast iron boasts many features representing a serious improvement on other types of cast iron on the market in terms of quality.

Cast Iron Ingot Stock Material

We provide raw iron materials and cast iron ingots.

  • Greater versatility & machinability
  • Natural self-lubricating properties
  • Unrivaled metallurgical structure

Versa-Bar’s metallurgical makeup has a specific formula designed to give you strength and versatility at lower costs than any grade of steel you’ll find on the market.

American Iron & Alloys Cast Iron Ingot Grades

V-1A Glass Mold Class 25 Gray Iron | V-1 Class 30 Gray Iron | V-5 100-70-03 Ductile Iron | V-6 Class 35 Gray Iron

We have a large inventory of high grade ingots in gray and ductile iron that are perfect for your next project. Just as in our bars, tubes, and blanks, our cast ingots are of a quality that can’t be found with other suppliers.

The raw iron from our stock is exactly what you need to make sure your end product meets your standards. When it comes to providing quality material for your construction or manufacturing project, American Iron & Alloys can’t be beat.

Types of Cast-Iron Stock Available

We carry a full inventory of stock types in various grades. Beyond round bar, flat bar and rod stock we also have:

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American Iron & Alloys is more than just a supplier – our in-house CNC shop gives us the capability of finish machining or short run production. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective path to a solution.

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