Cast Iron Billets

Continuous Cast Iron Billet Suppliers in Wisconsin

Choose Versa-Bar cast iron bar for...

  1. Better bulk pricing
  2. Flexible supply packages
  3. Quick nationwide delivery

Versa-Bar continuous cast iron billets represent a significant metallurgical upgrade over regular sand casted iron stock.

Cast Iron Billets Squares Stock Supply

We cut standard or custom size cast iron billets & squares.

Versa-Bar’s unique molecular makeup creates a product more flexible and versatile to fit your production needs. Your parts will last longer - and our cast iron suppliers offer it at a lower cost.

Continuous cast iron’s unique properties make at a perfect choice for manufacturing heavy construction equipment dependent on pneumatic systems. Long life means maximum lubrication and resistance to corrosion and erosion. Versa-Bar’s self-lubricating properties make it the superior material to use for pistons, glands, manifolds, valve guides, pins or any component in heavily used machinery.

American Iron & Alloys Cast Iron Billets & Squares Grades

V-1A Glass Mold Class 25 Gray Iron | V-1 Class 30 Gray Iron | V-5 100-70-03 Ductile Iron | V-6 Class 35 Gray Iron

Cast Iron Billet & Square Stock Material Suppliers

Get low bulk rates on continuous cast iron billets. Request a free online quote.

Stock Billet & Square Material Specifications
Squares 1.250 SQ" – 18.5 SQ"
Material Raw or Custom Cast Components

Types of Cast-Iron Bar Stock Available

We carry a full stock of bar types in various grades. Beyond round bar, flat bar and rod stock we also have:

Get Raw Materials – Or We’ll Machine Your Components In-House

American Iron & Alloys offers excellent bulk pricing packages for our cast iron supply programs. However, we can save you even more by performing CNC machining services in our state of the art CNC shop to produce your custom designed cast iron components. Stop wasting thousands of dollars on shipping costs carting product between distributor and machine shop.

We handle the job from start to finish, slashing your expenses along the way.

Contact American Iron & Alloys in Waukesha, Wisconsin for a quote on cast iron billets & squares and/or machining services.