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AIA partners with QESC for high-quality Versa-Bar gray iron, manganese steel, and white iron castings in Texas

Published on January 27, 2023

We are excited to announce QESC, LLC – formerly called Quality Electric Steel Castings – will begin stocking Versa-Bar continuous cast iron bar and alloy bar products at its Houston, TX, location. 

Our customers in the area will benefit from reduced material transit time while also taking advantage of the Houston facility’s tubing, milling and plate-cutting services.

QESC welcomed to Lawtown Standard family

Are you ready to meet your new go-to for top-notch gray iron, manganese steel, and white iron castings? Look no further than our new sister company, QESC, LLC!

In 2022, QESC joined forces with the Lawton Standard family. The company has been making waves in the industry ever since! Their Houston, TX, location spans a massive 250,000 square feet, and the facility produces 1,000 tons of high-quality castings each month.

QESC offers gray iron, manganese steel, and white iron castings ranging from 250 pounds to 10,000 pounds and is now an official Versa-Bar distributor for Houston and throughout all of Texas.

QESC’s specialty: pattern shop mounts, rigs, and repairs

It’s not just the size that sets QESC apart – it’s their unparalleled versatility, quality, and speed. QESC’s pattern shop can handle patterns of all sizes, from six inches to ten feet, and an onsight metallurgical laboratory ensures all castings are of the highest quality. 

With a high-speed flaskless molding line, QESC can easily handle both large and short runs.

Another exciting aspect QESC brings to the table is its robot pattern mill. The state-of-the-art KUKA RMC90 technology allows the creation of quick, economical, and accurate molds. It’s optimized for polystyrene pattern milling and directly milling cavities in sand mold blanks, making the pattern and mold-making process a breeze.

QESC serves various industries

QESC serves numerous fields, including oil, petrochemical, railway, and train industries. 

They’ve established themselves as the industry standard in the production of:

  • Connecting rods 
  • Large valve bodies
  • Manganese crosses
  • Specialty train tracks
  • Train components, including axles, wheels, and car frames 

Why choose QESC?

What impresses us most about QESC is the organization’s passion for the products they produce. We’re proud to welcome QESC into the Lawton Standard family of companies, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience the difference! 

We trust QESC to care for our Versa-Bar customers in the Houston and surrounding Texas areas.

QESC Location and Contact Information

252 McCarty St.

Houston, TX 



Main Switchboard: (713) 672-6625

Sales Direct Line: (713) 860-5644

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