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Get low rates on bulk orders of continuous cast iron flat bar & plates.

Versa-Bar continuous cast iron flat bar and plates offer fluid power equipment manufacturers tremendous benefits in material costs and component durability. Manufacture flywheels, housings, rotors, valves, pistons and more heavy duty parts at a lower cost with greater longevity.

Cast iron suppliers at American Iron & Alloys provide a metalurgically superior material at a lower price than the traditional metals it surpasses.

  1. Improved machinability
  2. Lower material cost
  3. Better longevity and performance
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Stock Iron Flat Bar & Plates Material Specifications
Starting Diameter 18.5" x 22" x 72"
Diameter Limit 10.5" x 24" x 82"

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Machining Custom Iron Parts? We’re More Than Just a Supplier

American Iron & Alloys boasts a large CNC machine shop capable of producing custom precision cast components built to your exact specifications. Outsourcing materials purchases and CNC machining services separately means extra shipping costs you’d rather avoid. We’re the in-house cast iron stock & machining company ready to cut your expenses and make you a better product – at a better price.

Contact American Iron & Alloys in Waukesha, Wisconsin for a quote on cast iron billets & squares and/or machining services.