Wholesale Cast Iron Decor

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Homeowners love the look of cast iron fittings for coathooks, doorknobs fireplace grates and other decorations. Vintage looking cast iron is a desirable decorative touch to many rustic houses. 

American Iron & Alloys ability to make large scale runs of cast iron means we can supply wholesale cast iron decorations and home fixtures. 

Customized Versa-Bar Cast Iron Home Decor

Versa-bar cast iron from American Iron & Alloys is just as suited for a hydraulic cylinder or valve housing as it is for decorative purposes. Our in house casting and CNC machine shop can create iron products for a wide variety of applications. Wholesale cast iron products from us will look great and serve their function perfectly, whether as a shelf-support, doorknob or a coathook. 

Cast Iron Grades Available through American Iron & Alloys includes:

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