Versa-Bar Cast Iron Cookware

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Chefs and bakers alike know the versatile properties of cast iron cookware that make it the go-to equipment in any kitchen. Whether it’s cast iron frying pans, Dutch-ovens, grill pans, skillets, or portable flat tops, they know they’re getting the very best cook or bake with the most trusted material in the culinary industry.

Industries of the U.S. request our carefully-crafted Versa-Bar continuous cast iron material because our material is a more durable and reliable product than that of traditional sand casting processes. AIA is based in the U.S and our production chains are all in house ensuring affordable and accurate results for your product needs. 

Customized Cast Iron Cookware

Versa-bar cast iron from AIA is less permeable to ensure the least rusting and durable against accidental drops and intense heat, making our cast iron the right investment for kitchens, especially coupled with our CNC precision machining.

The accuracy of a machine-lead cutting process allows our manufacturers to get the designs you want with the precision you need to sell a quality cast-iron product. Trust the AIA continuous cast iron material and machining to make the right product and the right price. 

Cast Iron Grades Available through American Iron & Alloys includes:AIA produces customized cast iron cookware

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With the capabilities of our in-house specialty cast iron manufacturing and CNC machine shop, American iron & Alloys produces precision-made cast iron products to fit your cook or baking needs: cast iron skillets, frying pans, Dutch ovens, and much more. Contact us today to request a quote and get started on your cast iron creation.

About American Iron & Alloys: Based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, American Iron & Alloys has been providing quality Versa-Bar continuous cast iron and other metal products since 1982. We also have a warehouse and distribution center on the east coast to enable faster delivery to customers east of Wisconsin.

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